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Pacifica Athletic Center offers a wide variety of membership options designed to fit your schedule and budget. From a short-term trial membership to an 1 year plan, you're sure to find the best plan for you. As always, we never charge any kind of initiation fees!

Package Details

Plan   Details     Pricing
    ***NEW MEMBER SPECIAL***    
12 month auto debit   This rate will expire after 12 months   $40/month
Day Pass   This plan is ideal for occasional workouts or for people bringing guests to the gym.  

Adult: $10

Youth(14-17) $5

5 Day Pass   Buy 5 Days of gym use at a time. Your sessions will be deducted whenever you decide to visit the gym.  

Adult: $45

Seniors: $35

1 Month Pass   Unlimited access to our facilities for 1 full month. This is a great plan for people who want to give our gym a try on a short term basis.   $55
3 Month Pass   Want to give a little more of a commitment without breaking the bank? Try our 3 month package!   $156
6 Month Pass   Ok! Now were talkin'! Congratulations on really sinking your teeth into this fitness lifestyle with a 6 month commitment!   $300
Annual Membership   Not only have you chosen the best gym in all the land, but you've found our best value with our year membership!   $500
Auto-debit   You've found your home gym! When you dont want to deal with the hassle of renewing your membership, a monthly automatic deduction out of your account is the way to go.   

Adult: $50

Couples: $90

Couple + 1: $130

Military: $45

Seniors: $45

*No freezing of memberships*    


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